Yleiset kielitutkinnot (YKI-testit) 

Axxell järjestää Yleisiä kielitutkintoja suomen ja ruotsin kielessä. Lisäksi järjestämme suomen kielen keskitason kokeeseen valmistavaa koulutusta Helsingissä ja Vantaalla

Lue tästä mitä yleiset kielitutkinnot ovat ja mihin niitä tarvitaan.

YKI-testiin valmentavat kurssit

Axxell järjestää suomen kielen keskitason YKI-testiin valmentavia kursseja Helsingissä ja Vantaalla. Lue lisää kursseista ja ilmoittaudu maksuttomaan info-tilaisuuteen.

Ajankohtaiset YKI-kurssit

Seuraavat YKI-testiin valmentavat kurssit alkavat toukokuussa 2018. Lue lisää ja ilmoittaudu maksuttomaan infotilaisuuteen ja valintakokeeseen:

Tiedustelut: hanna.markkanen@axxell.fi / 044-739 7816 (ma-pe klo 13-14)


Register for YKI exam in Axxell

Before you register for YKI exam

  • Read the conditions and familiarize yourself with the registration form
  • Familiarize yourself with the language level needed and structure of the exam on http://ykitesti.solki.jyu.fi/tutustu-testiin/testifin/
  • Make sure that you have a valid identity document with you on the exam day. A valid identity document can be a current passport/alien's passport/refugee travel document or a national identity card issued by an EU member state
  • Find out where Axxell is located and make sure that you are able to arrive to the test center at any time between 8am and 5pm on the exam day.
  • If you have a documented disability such as dyslexia, a hearing defect or a visual impairment you can request for special arrangements for the test. Read more. Print out the application and send it with a doctor’s certificate by e-mail to hanna.markkanen@axxell.fi or by mail to Axxell, Mannerheimintie 160 B, 00300 HKI within three days from the registration
  • In Axxell Karjaa you can also register in person on the first day of the registration period from 9am to 12am in the office on Ratakatu 75, Karjaa. Take an identity document with you. Exam fee (123€) is to be paid at the same time by cash or credit/debit card. Notice! In Axxell Karjaa the exams in Finnish and Swedish language are NOT held in January, April or May.
  • Registration is binding, so there will be no cancellation places available.
  • Links to the registration forms will open as the registration period starts. Refresh the page: click here. The Finnish intermediate level examinees are highly recommended to register as soon as the registration period opens because of the high number of participants.
  • Register for YKI-exam in Axxell by filling the electronic registration form below.

Ilmoittaudu YKI:oon Axxelliin!

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