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On-the-job Finnish language training

On-the-job Finnish language training is intended for employees speaking a foreign language who need to strengthen their professional Finnish language skills. We design courses according to the needs of your business.

We offer trainings for beginners, intermediate and advanced language learners. Our trainings focus on expanding and improving work-related vocabulary, customer service situations, e-mail communication or even break room conversations. The training gives employees the Finnish Language skills necessary for new tasks.

The dates, locations, lengths and group sizes of the trainings are customizable to the needs of your company.

Axxell Multicultural Center has diverse experience and long history of training professionals in various fields and in cooperating with both private and municipal employers.

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For more information, please contact

Elina Sadeniemi, elina.sadeniemi@axxell.fi, tel. 044-739 7841

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