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Axxell and international cooperation

Axxell aims to educate students and develop vocational education through innovative and flexible methods. We have skilled and well educated staff who use modern and up to date methods and educate our students for the future today. This work cannot be done in isolation, which is why Axxell co-operates with universities other vocational education providers, NGO’s and social partners on a national and international level. This cooperation is one of the methods used to add value and find innovative approaches to teaching and learning. Through international cooperation Axxell is an active participant when it comes to developing skills, competencies and knowledge, including entrepreneurial thinking, active citizenship and digital literacy skills on a local, regional, national and European level.

Axxells’ international services

Axxells’ international services are tailored to the needs of Axxells’ staff and students as well as to the needs of our international customers and include, for example, project management, designing and implementing professional development programmes, updating curriculum and teaching material. Entrepreneurial thinking and a positive, solution-centered, can-do attitude reflect our way of working.

Development projects

Developing vocational training is an important strategic focus area for Axxell. Axxell has an international team who are experts when it comes to coordinating and implementiong international development projects within vocational, adult and migrant education. Axxell is known for its good work and capable staff when it comes to developing new teaching and learning methods and materials, modern approaches for guidance and counselling as well as digital solutions to support all this. Combined with the international exchange of best practice and large networks we are a valuable partner in development projects. Here are a few examples of projects that Axxell has been involved in either as the coordinator and partner.

International mobilities

Student mobilities

Axxell hosts and sends abroad hundreds of experts and students yearly. Most of the funding for the project work comes from Erasmus + program, European Commission actions and from the National Board of Education in Finland.

Axxell cooperate closely with the working life and can provide international students with qualitative work placements within hospitality and service, practical nursing, agriculture, arts and crafts as well as the technical sector. Students doing an international work placement through Axxell will have a nominated contact person and a mentoring teacher at Axxell. Axxell will also make sure that the work placement can provide students with tasks that enables them to fulfil their learning goals and that the students receive qualitative and frequent feedback during their placement. Axxell will also assist in finding suitable accommodation.
In order to be able to guarantee the quality of the mobility Axxell will take a small fee for the mentoring and organizing the placements. To learn more about what Axxell can offer contact: international@axxell.fi

Study visits and job shadowing for teachers

Do you want to learn about the Finnish education system, vocational education for youngsters and adults, liberal adult education or education for migrants you might be interested to visit Axxell either through a study visit or job shadowing. Axxell can offer tailored programs according to your interests. A study visit program can include for example the following topics:

  • Introduction to Axxell and the Finnish education system
  • Visit(s) to work placement companies
  • Following lessons and getting to know the Finnish practices of your own field
  • Getting to know the outputs and results of our international projects
  • Information on how to work in international and national networks
  • Introduction to the implementation of the individual learning pathways at Axxell
  • How to utilise new learning environments and learning methods
  • How to support and encourage students with fewer opportunities to take part in international mobilities as a way to prevent student dropouts
  • Migrant education and language learning
  • Preventing student dropouts

To learn more about what Axxell can offer contact: international@axxell.fi